I am a Professional Historical and Fantasy Miniature Painter, with 30 years experience in scales from 28mm to 75mm using a variety of Figure & Paint Manufacturers.

I also convert figures meticulously and create dynamic, unique Dioramas and Vignettes.

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All Miniatures displayed are painted by myself.

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Some examples of my latest work:



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German Grenadier HQ:

This is the third HQ Group I painted and I have used a variety of Heads to differentiate them from the other two. I really like the sculpting style of these figures and thoroughly enjoyed painting them.



This is my first large scale Miniature in 16 years after concentrating on so many 28mm figures. I must admit, I had to adjust my painting techniques quite a bit, as I did not need to over exaggerate shadows and highlights as I would normally do for the smaller scales. I really enjoyed painting this figure and there are two more figures from the same Manufacturer on my table too that will be tackled soon.

The figure is a 75mm Miniature from Alexandros Models and was painted mainly in Acrylics. I used paints from various Ranges eg. Andrea, Reaper MP Triads, GW / Citadel, Foundry and Coat d' Arms Triads.

I decided to hold back on the weathering, as I could not let myself dust or dirty him any more. I also depicted a dryer, dustier patch of earth that he is standing on, which meant I only lightly dusted his shoes. I know it was a little bit wetter at Waterloo but I just did not want to start muddying and darken everything.



This month I have added quite a varied selection of pictures to my website, which range from the AWI to WWII. It was rather nice to tackle so many different historical eras and kept me motivated throughout.


US Army WWII Armour:

These are part of a "Battle of the Bulge" group I am working on, which includes the Germans I painted a few weeks ago and also the 168th Combat Engineer Company from Warlord Games, plus additional US Troops, Tanks and Guns.

These are the first American Tanks I have ever built and painted. All three are Warlord's Plastic Kits and were easy & straight forward to put together. I used Tamiyas XF-58 as a base colour. I struggled a bit at the beginning, to decide whether to apply white winter camouflage or to leave them with their original Green look, as I have never really seen or registered winter camouflage on WWII US Tanks.

Only when I undertook some more specific research, I came across some great examples of US Armour in Winter Camo. I have to do Five AFV's in total, so I decided to apply different winter looks on them. I used AK Heavy Chipping Fluid and normal White Paint for the M3 and the M10, whereas I used the Chipping Fluid and the new AK Washable White for the M4 Sherman. I quite like how all three turned out but I am really not sure which one I prefer. I used MIG and AK Filters to define the details. Very thinned down Burnt Umber Oil Paint was used for the streaking effect. I also added different stowage to the M10 and the M3 to give them more of an "on the Campaign" look.

The Crew of the M10 were a bit of a challenge to paint, due to their rather flat details, so I used a slightly more exaggerated contrast with them. The Driver of the M3 was a 'real pain' to fit into the Halftrack after I painted him. He is sitting a little high and appears to look over the top of the M3 but I just could not get him any lower.

I have a another Halftrack to build and might change my approach with it a little bit.


US Army HQ and MMG:

Believe it or not but these are my very first WWII US troops I have ever painted. For whatever reason I have never got further than the ACW ,lol. I enjoyed painting them though, as they are a little bit more colourful than most of the Germans I have painted before.

The sculpting is also very different, compared to the German ones. It is in parts rather flat and lacks the crisp details or folds in comparison to the Grenadiers I painted. Also the Faces or heads, are a lot smaller and can also lack some details which can make it really difficult to paint.

I struggled a little bit with them at the beginning but got into the swing of things rather quickly once I got used to them. After painting for so many years, it does not always matter if sculpted details are showing you certain folds or creases on clothing, as your experience is taking over and lets you apply shading and highlights correctly, to increase the 3 Dimensional look of the figures. I really like the dynamic and poses of most of the figures though. I will look forward to start with the US Winter Infantry and Veteran Squads next.

I used Coat d'arms "Olive Green" Triad for the Uniform. For the Coats I used their "Horse Tone Brown" Triad. The light Brown trousers were painted with Foundry's "Rich Butternut" Triad with additional shading. The Webbing Gear was painted using Foundry's "Rawhide"


German Panzer Crew Dismounted:

This is a great looking Group. I love the dynamic sculpt of these and you can feel the desperation of the Crew, while fighting their way to safety after bailing out of their damaged or destroyed tank. These were pretty straight forward during painting and I used the same paint combination for the white and grey of the Uniform, as I did for the Germans I painted last month. I only decided to paint a Splinter Camouflage onto the Crew Member, helping his Comrade to give it a bit of a variation. I really like the way it turned out.


Command of the 2nd Hussars:

I used Foundry's Tomb Blue for the Light Blue of the Hussars and Reapers "Ruddy Leather" Triad for the Brown Trousers and Jackets but with additional shading and used the third highlight only along the edges of the seams. I have decided to paint the Officers Horse Black to differentiate him a bit inside the Unit. His silver embellishment and laces were all painted with Andrea's Silver NMM set technique, as I do not think that real metallics work on these Uniform parts. I quite like how it has turned out ;-) The trumpeter was placed on a speckled grey horse. I reversed the Uniform colours according to the references I found online. I love the way the blue really stands out on his jacket. The NCO is riding a little darker version of a Chestnut Horse, for which I used Coat d'arms "Hairy Brown" Triad.


AWI Continental Infantry Command

I have not painted a AWI themed figure in a while but I really enjoyed them. The Foundry sculpts are great and evenso they are a bit aged now, I still love them. Very clean detailing on them, which makes painting them a pleasure.

I used Foundry's "French Blue" for the Continental Uniforms and "Buff Leather" for the brown trousers. The red of the Drummer was painted using GW "Doombull Brown" as a base, followed by "Evil Sunz Scarlet" and "Troll Slayer Orange" successively. The sashes were painted using Foundry's "Wine Stain Red" but I used the third shade only very sparingly. The Flag is from GMB.



I have added the second Group of Frostgrave Barbarians onto my website. Some nice and also dynamic sculpts on these figures but the casting again was not as good as I expected. I tried to keep to a more muted and earthy palette. I also decided to give the War Hound some glowing red eyes to make him look more verocious or dangerous. I must admit that painting the Female Tracker face was a bit of a challenge as it ended up looking too manly first,as it is only the second female figure I have ever painted. I ended up using a lot lighter base and used a few more layers to smoothen the transition on the skin.

After painting these nearly a year ago, the Perry Twins only recently released their Danish Landwehr Troops. I am now able to show you some more detailed pictures of the figures I painted for them. Apart from the usual casting issues, they were a pleasure to paint. Very colourful troops and the darker red was a nice change, to the more muted one I used for my British or the Blue for the French.



I have finished the second part of the German Heer Winter Army. I cannot believe that after nearly 30 years, I built my first plastic Tank again, in 28mm though but it was a nice trip down memory lane. More of these to come in the future.


I also painted some Frostgrave Characters and Barbarians from North Star Military Figures. A nice change after all the historical figures from the months before. I like the sculpts but the casting is not as clean as I would have expected. There are a few more Characters to follow.


"So many Figures, so little time...."


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