It is time to show you my latest Commissions. It is a bit of a varied collection this month.

The first ones are the initial Group of a German Heer Winter Army. The figures are from the Warlord Bolt Action Range. There is another Grenadier Squad, a HQ, a Mortar Team and a Panzer IV to follow. I really enjoyed my further dip into WWII after painting some figures a few months ago and look forward to finishing the next lot. I have also been sent a Band of Brothers Box Set to tackle as soon as time permits.

I also completed a second Version of the Roman General Maximus Miniature from Warlord Games. This is the later metal Version of the resin one I painted a few years ago. I must say that the detail on the resin one was a lot sharper but it is still one of my favourite character figures from the Warlords Ancient Roman Range. All metal Parts of the Armour were painted in the NMM technique using the Gold and Steel Paint Sets from Scale75, which are really brilliant. I quite like the way it turned out.

I decided to show you some WIP pictures of a Figure, which is part of another large Scale Miniature I am tackling in the moment. These are the first larger scale figures I have painted in over 15 years. The first one is supposed to represent a Sergeant of the 79th Cameron Highlander during the Napleonic Wars in 75mm from Alexandros Models. A beautiful figure but I really have to adjust my painting techniques a little bit after painting so many smaller scale models over the years. There are some parts I would have prefered to have left off for the sake of access while painting but due the gluing and filling of gaps, I decided to assemble as much as possible of the figure. I did however cut and pin the Spontoon, as it would have been nearly impossible to paint with the pike sticking out. I will glue it back once the figure is mainly finished.

This is a very high quality sculpt and cast, which is making painting it a lot easier but surprisingly not quicker, lol. Due to the size of the miniature every detail is so much more magnified that I need to apply a lot more care, using various smoother layers of highlights & shading but also washes and glazes.



I just added pictures of my first ever attempt painting some Victorian era Miniatures. I was given some Sets from Empress Miniatures depicting 1879 Anglo-Zulu War British. These were sculpted by the ever so talented Paul Hicks. Compared to the Front Rank Figures I painted in the last few months, they are really slight and a lot more realistic in regards to poses and facial expressions. I just loved painting them. In particular the "Heroes of Rorke's Drift" Group, which are loosely based on the main Characters of the Movie "Zulu", these were my favourites.

I wanted to create a small Group of stubbon looking Defenders of Rorke's Drift and these figures represent that perfectly, in my opinion.

For most parts, I used the Foundry's Triads for the Uniform and painted the Tunics with "British Red Coat" but used additionally GW "Doombull Brown" as a base. The Red Triad is quite thin and transparent, the Base colour also provides me with an extra shading. I used GW "Blazing Orange" as a final Highlight along the edges and most prominent creases.

For the Trousers I used "French Blue", again using Black as an additional shade and "Tomb Blue A" mixed into the "C" colour as a further highlight.

For all the crossbelts and shoulder straps, I used "Canvas". The white Pith Helmets were painted with Reapers "Bone Triad", with an additional shading by mixing Vallejo "Burned Umber" into the "A" colour. The covered Helmets were painted with Foundrys "Buff Leather". For the shirts, I used Reapers "Midnight Blue" Triad.



Here are some pictures of my latest Command Bases. These are supposed to depict Characters and Men, of the High Command and other Officers of the Napoleonic Polish Army. I quite like the various colour combinations of the Polish Uniforms, as they are just a little bit different compared to the French.

Polish Command Base One:

The figures were based on a 80mm diameter MDF Base. The figures are supposed to represent Prince Josef Poniatowski, his ADC and General Dabrowski. I added a injured Fusilier of the Vistula Legion to give the impression of being on a Battlefield. I used Foundry's Wine Stain Red for the "Pink-ish" Trouser but started with a 1:1:2 mix of GW Rhinos Hide, Black and Shade A and stopped the highlighting after using only shade B, leaving C completely out. For the Blue Uniform I used Foundry's French Blue with additional shading by adding Black to A and also Foundry's Tomb Blue Shade C to the French Blue C colour.

Polish Command Base Two:

The General of Brigade is here accompanied by an ADC on foot, holding his Horse on a 80mm MDF Base. I actually used a French Grenadier Officer with Bicorne, pointing and painted him in colours to represent a Polish ADC. I also converted him slightly, to make it look like he is holding the reigns of the horse. I further added a Broken Austrian Gun and a Grenadier Casualty Figure to the Base.

Polish Command Base Three:

I based the next Groups on round 60mm MDF Bases. The base is showing a General of Division with a Grenadier Officer and a fallen Horse.

Polish Command Base Four:

This Base is depicting a Infantry General with an ADC on Horseback, accompanied by an Officer of the Vistula Legion on Foot.

Polish Command Base Five:

Here we have a Chief of Staff of a Legion, with his Aide de Camp and a Voltigeur of the Vistula Legion.



Calpe Foot Artillery loading Howitzer and Base with some Artillery Extras :

These were created to compliment the other Artillery Group I painted a few months ago. I made sure the base and colours I used reflected that. I also added a "Base Filler" to widen the frontage of the two Artillery bases, so I used a few extra Prussian Artillery Officers and NCO's to interact with the Guns if placed on either side. I really like Calpe Miniatures and they keep growing on me. The Casting and sculpts are so clean & crisp that painting these figures is so much easier compared to many other manufacturers.


Front Rank British Command Bases:

I also created two British Napoleonic Command Bases using Figures from Front Rank. The first was supposed to depict Lord Uxbridge with an ADC and Scot's Grey Trumpeter, the other should show the Duke of Wellington, with some supporting Staff Officers and a Trooper from the Household Cavalry acting as a Messenger moving among the troops, passing some Guards and a wounded Soldier who is waving enthusiastically to his Commander.



I have finished the second batch of French Command Bases, which are part of the ones I completed a month ago. I quite like Front Rank. They are a bit chunkier than some other manufacturers and on some of the casts you can really tell their age now but all of them were a real pleasure to paint.


I will next be tackling some Calpe Prussian Artillery and some British Front Rank Command Bases.



In the last few days I painted some Miniatures and Eras I have not done before, which was a nice change.

Spartan Warrior (Unknown Manufacturer)

The first miniature is a ancient Spartan Warrior in 40mm. I am not so sure about the manufacturer as the Name on the bottom of the base was barely legible. I could only make out E...Casting (?) It is a nice sculpt and was so much easier to paint then the usual 28mm miniatures. I might go back and tackle some larger scale models in the near future.

I used Andrea's Red Paint set for the Cloak, as it is a nice deep and little darker red as the one I wanted to use for the short Tunic or rather "Chiton" for which I used Reaper's Blood Red Triad with additional Highlighting using Reaper's Fire Red Triad.

I also wanted to try to recreate a different skin colour for the Spartan and used Foundry's Mediterranean Flesh Triad to give the figure a more tanned or olive looking complexion. I used GW Bestial Brown & Dark Flesh to deepen the shadows a little.

For the Cuirass, Helmet and other metal parts, I started with Basecolour of GW Balthasar Gold, followed by GW Gehennas Gold. As I found the result still a bit too dark, I also used Foundry's Burning Gold B to drybrush all parts lightly and carefully. I added a final highlight with Andrea's Base Gold from the Gold Paint set as it is just slightly lighter than the Burning Gold one which provides a great transitition on the metal parts.

The next miniatures are some Native American Miniatures from various manufacturers. Believe it or not, I have actually not painted any American Indian's before but I really enjoyed it.

Foundry Native American Warriors:

I know the "Voice like Thunder" Warrior is defenitely a Foundry figure but the other one I am not so sure about. It is slightly taller and has no metal base as such. They were both very clean sculpts and only a little amount of cleaning was required.

I used Foundry's Native American Flesh Triad on these for the first time but also used GW Bestial Brown for some additional shading. To increase the highlights only a little bit more, I mixed Foundry's Expert Flesh Shade C into the other C colour. I had to be careful to not overdo it, as it could quite easily have become to pale but I really like how it turned out.

The War Bonnets were another challenge, as I decided to handpaint every single Feather using Foundry's Arctic Grey Shading. They took me ages to complete. The end result is rather nice looking though ;-)


Thunderbolt's East Coast Woodland Indians:

These are some of the best sculpted "mini" Miniatures I have ever seen and I mean "mini" as they are so tiny and slender, that I was pleased that I started recently using glasses for my painting, lol. They are really fiddly to put together though and I decided therefore to pin all the hands and paint them separately before attaching them to the figures, to avoid any damages during the painting process.

I used the same Flesh recipe as above on these two warriors.

For the Red Warpaint I started with a base of Reapers "Gory Red", followed by "Fresh Blood" but used drops of GW Cadian Fleshtone to highlight the red now further to give it a more "skinny" appearance. I also added a tiny drop of GW Dwarf Flesh to the mix as a final highlight.

I done the same with the Black Warpaint on the other Warrior and also used only Flesh colours to highlight the paint.

The blue shirt was painted using Reaper's Midnight Blue Triad. The knee-high deer skin boots were painted using Foundry's Buff Leather Triad.



I just added some pictures of my new creation onto my website. It is an older Mark Coppleston Sculpt, which is supposed to represent Lieutenant-General Stapleton Cotton. I rather like the Miniature and the sculpt is nice and crip too.

I used the "sponge" technique to represent a "flea bitten" grey on the Horse. I started with a basecoat of light grey by mixing White with a little bit of MSP Shadowed Stone & Weathered Stone. With the sponge I added a darker shade using a mix of Black, Shadowed Stone and White. I then added the lighter specks by mixing more white to the Base Colour. I used a mix of pure White and Vallejo Retarder Medium in a Ratio of 4:1 to apply more highlights.

The Blue Uniform was painted using Foundry's French Blue Triad. I used Reaper's MSP Blood Red Triad for the red parts. The Brown fur parts were painted using Coat d'arms Brown Leather Triad.



I have just finished a Command Base with some French Figures from Calpe Miniatures. These figures are becoming slowly some of my favourites. The sculpts are very crisp and the casting is just brilliant, which only needs very minimal cleaning. The figures represent 3 Officers of a French Regimental Command (a Colonel, a Major and an Adjutant NCO) and a Fusilier on guard.

I decided to base the figures individually but still wanted them to be grouped together to create a little Vignette, which still can be used as a Command Base. "Warbases" helped to create a lovely unique Movement tray for me according to my design. The Base is 100mm in Diameter with two rectangular slots measuring 50x25mm and two circular Penny size slots.


I am also working on various Front Rank Command Bases and finished the first batch of some French ones. I will concentrate in the next week, on some more before moving onto Command Bases for a Polish Napoleonic Army. The Groups are placed on either 80mm (for three Miniatures) or 60mm (for two Miniatures) MDF bases, which the majority of figures will be on.


In addition, I remembered this time to take various pictures during my painting sessions, pictures of my Desk and the figures on it, during the different stages of their completion.



I was lucky enough to receive some of Warlords "Early Access" German Special Weapon Teams and fancied painting some more WWII figures after finishing the HQ Group a Week or so ago. The Set consists of a Sniper Team, a Flamethrower Team and a "Panzerschreck" Team and only 150 were available for a limited time until the General Release later in the Year. The sculpts are just beautiful, especially the Coats and the Teams in General were a pleasure to paint. I painted them with the same colour combination as the ones used on my HQ Group but this time I used Reaper's "Camouflage Green" Triad for the Coats, as I wanted a slighter darker finish.



After many years of abstinence from some WWII related subjects, I rather fancied painting some of Warlord's German Heer Figures in Wintergear. They were a nice change to the Napoleonic's I usually paint and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I painted the Anoraks again in my trusted and now well proven Foundry "Arctic Grey" 'Triad with additional deeper shading. The Officers Coat and the other Field Grey Uniform parts were painted with Reaper's "Olive Green" Triad, whereas the fur linig of the Officer was painted with Foundry's "Buff Leather" with a light was of GW Agrax Earthshake.

The Helmets, Caps and the Officers Tunic were painted with Coat d'Arms "Dark Grey" Triad. For the Bread Bag, Binoculars and various Magazine Pouches I used Coat d'Arms "Stone" Triad with additional shading using GW Agrax Earthshake by adding it to the "Mid Stone" colour.

For the Bases I used some "Golden Grass" Tufts from 'MiniNatur' to represent the Winter Vegetation and drybrushed the normal Grass Flock with GW "Desert Yellow" to dull down the green a bit. For the Snow I used a Mix of PVA Glue, AP Battlefields Snow and Andrea Artificial Snow Powder in a overall Ratio of 3:2:1. I applied the mix with a small brush in a couple of layers but also sprinkled some dry AP Snow on top of the mix to represent fresher Snow.


I have just completed the Prussian High Command at Waterloo from Perry Miniatures. I rather like how they turned out.

Field-Marshal von Blücher

The Prussian Soldiers were not as colourful as their French counterparts and I was concerned that with all the grey's involved it would make the Figures look a bit bland but Blücher's heavily folded Grey Coat with its red lining is a real eye catcher. I really like how it turned out.

His Coat was painted using Reaper's "Stone Grey" Triad whereas the Trousers of all the Prussian Officers were painted using the "Neutral Grey" Triad also from Reaper. The Lining was painted using two Triads from Reaper which work very well in sequence: "Blood Red" and "Fire Red". Using these six paints will make mixing intermediate shades unnecessary as they can be used straight out of the Bottle. The Überrock and the Cap was painted using Foundry's "Prussian Blue" but I applied additional Highlights and Shading as I did for the Calpe ones below.

I used Foundry's "Arctic Grey" Triad for his Horse and Coat d'Arms "Dark Grey" Triad on the darker parts of the legs.

Lt-Gen. von Gneisenau

His Coat was painted using Foundry's "Granit". For the silver Sash I used for the first time Reapers "Shadowed Steal" Triad. I quite like how it turned out. I used Coat d'Arms "Leather Brown" for his Horse. the Blue collar was painted using Foundry's "Tomb Blue" Triad.

Maj-Gen. von Pirch

Pirch's Uniform was painted using the same combinations as above. I used GW Dark Flesh, Blood Red and Blazing Orange for the Red of his Collar and on the band around his cap. The Horse was painted using the Foundry's "Bay Brown" Triad but I added further highlights with "Chestnut" B.

The figures were all mounted on 2mm thick 25mm x 50mm MDF bases using sand, various grass tufts and a dusting of MIG pigments "Dark Mud".



I finished some Perry Miniatures again. They are supposed to depict a Regimental Line Infantry Command during the Battle of Waterloo 1815. I decided to paint the Greatcoats in a variety of colours to give them more individuality. The majority of paints I used were from Foundry.

Eagle Bearer:

I used Foundry's French Blue for his Coat & Uniform. The shako cover was painted using Coat d'Arms Black Triad with Foundry's "Charcoal Black" as final highlight. The Flag is from GMB.

Eagle Guard 1:

I painted his Greatcoat with "Rawhide". I used GW Dark Flesh, Blood Red and Blazing Orange for the red parts, i.e. Epaulettes, Plume and Fanion.

Eagle Guard 2:

His Coat was painted using "Rich Butternut" but added deeper shadow with a mix of GW Rhinox Hide and Black.


I used Reaper's Neutral Grey Triad for the Officer's Greatcoat. The painted the shako with "Buff Leather" but again used additional shading with Brown / Black mix. I also highlighted it additionally with "Canvas C".


The coat was painted with "Drab Butternut" but I also used additional shading to intensify the rather flat transition of the three colours in that particular triad. His shako was painted with Reaper's "Bone Colour" Triad but added Vallejo "Burnt Umber" for deepening the Shadow.


I painted his Greatcoat with the French Blue Triad from Foundry. I decided to paint his Apron with Reaper's "Bone Colour" but added a little of Vallejo "Burnt Umber & Green Ochre" to keep the mix a little more on the warm brownish side. I also wanted to make sure there was a clear distinction between the "Arctic Grey" Trousers and the "Canvas" Belts I used.



Around 18 years ago I painted my one and only Unit of Flat tin soldiers and found them last week more by accident, nicely wrapped, in a box in the back of my cupboard, which I had completely forgotten. During that time I used mostly Enamel Humbrol and Revell paints. They represent SYW Prussian Musketeers, 30mm tall. The manufacturer is "Günther Scholz Studio" in Berlin. I am quite impressed how well they survived the test of time and the painting is also quite acceptable albeit basic. I might add them to Ebay later this week.



This month I decided to tackle a few Miniatures that I have not used before. I painted some Calpe and Murawski Miniatures for the first time, which I thoroughly enjoyed. The Calpe Artillery figures are destined for Ebay.

I had these figures for years lying in my cupboard, forgotten until I came across them again while looking through my lead pile. They were such a pleasure to paint. The Calpe sculpts are making it so easy to paint. I have a Unit of charging Landwehr Infantry here with me, which I will definitely tackle in the near future.

I used mostly Foundry paints for the figures. For the Uniform I used Foundry's Prussian Blue. I have not used that particular triad before but the transitions between the three shades were only minimal, so I added Black to Prussian Blue A, for additional shading and highlighted C with Foundry's Expert Flesh D, to increase its intensity. Slate Grey was used for the Trousers. The Gaiters were painted using Granite Grey. For the Black Leather items, i.e. Shako Covers, Shoes, Crossbelts and Pouches I used Coat d'Arms Black Triad but with a further highlight with Foundry's Charcoal Black C.


Calpe Mounted Artillery Officers:

Pretty much straight forward paint job but it took me a while to get some decent Uniform information about the "Überrock" (Sack Coat) and the right colour of the Officers Uniforms of the different Branches. They were also a "chunkier" sculpt typical for Calpe but that made painting them so easy. The cleaning up process was minimal as the casting quality is outstanding.


Murawski Miniatures

These figures were sculpted by the evertalented "Paul Hicks". Nice clean sculpts and casting. They depict a Polish General and its ADC, not based as yet. Apart from the Red (Reaper's Blood Triad) the miniatures were mostly painted with Foundry again.

Polish General:

I used French Blue for the Uniform. I added black to the shade and Tomb Blue to C as an additional Highlight. I painted the Trousers with Wine Stain Red but added GW Rhinox Brown and Black to A as the Base colour. His Horse was painted using the Andrea's Black Paint set. I used Madder Red for the horse's tack.

Polish ADC:

I was not so sure about the colour of the Uniform before I started but I have found a reference and inspiration for the Chasseur Officer ADC in the "The French Imperial Guard Cavalry 1804-1815" Book by Andre Jouineau, so I took the liberty to base him on one of the illustrations shown in the this book. His coat was painted using Foundry's French Dragoon Green.



I have just finished some Perry Miniatures, which were released at the beginning of February, therefore I am now able to share some more pictures of the Napoleonic Danish / Norwegian figures with you. I painted one pack of the Musketeers for them but my Version depicts them as members of the Landwehr / Militia with black cross belts and green plumes. I also tackled a pack of the Norwegian and Danish Grenadiers.

I really enjoyed painting a different Napoleonic Nation for a change as the red on these figures were suppose to be a bit darker than the "Red Brick" of the British Uniforms. Only a little challenge as I used the first four shades of the Andrea Red Paint set but also added additional highlights with the last two colours of the Reaper's Blood Red Triad.

There is still one Group missing though which has not been released and I have to wait to share these with you.

A quick WIP and desk photo, while I was working through the Perry figures.

I also added some more pictures of figures I am working on at the moment. These are a nice ellective collection of a few different manufacturers and also Eras but that also offers me some Variety. I hope you like them so far.


I am now able to show you the Miniatures I painted for the Italian Wars contribution in the Wargames, Soldier and Strategie Magazine, Issue Number 81, which also included a "How to...." Article, I am really pleased with this.

I quite enjoyed painting them as it offered a nice change from the usual Napoleonic figures which I am mainly painting these days. I have not painted any plated Armour on figure in a long time and it was nice to reacquaint myself again with the techniques for shading & highlighting bigger metal areas.



A few updates again. I have somehow caught a Dark Age "bug" and was really looking forward to paint a few more miniatures of that era. I had these Miniatures with me for a while and finally decided to paint them.


Salute Zero Six - Limited Edition "Arthur & Mordred"

I had this particular set since I visited and participated in Salute's Painting Competition in 2006. I really love the dynamic of the two figures and got inspired painting them after seeing again Kevin Dallimore's versions of the figures online.

I used mostly the Reaper MSP Triads to paint the two figures.


King Arthur and Retinue

These Figures are from "Saxon Miniatures" and are owned and sculpted by the ever so talented Colin Patten, who also sculpted many Ranges for "Gripping Beast Miniatures". I like his sculpting style, which made it a pleasure to paint the Figures. They are supposed to depict: Arthur, Bedivere, Gareth, Lancelot and Bors.


Canadian Voltigeur, 1812

This figure was sent to me by a member of Steve Dean's Painting Forum as part of a Painting swap were the participants were paired up and send a figure to each other to be painted. I believe the Miniature is from Brigade Games and their American War of 1812 Range. It was sculpted by Paul Hicks and I really liked it, evenmore as I have not painted a miniature from that era either. I used Reaper's Stone Grey Triad to paint the Uniform.



Ney and Staff:

These are my latest models I just finished basing today.


Marshal Ney:

I decided to paint Ney's Horse Black and used Andrea's Black Paint Set but left the last highlight out. His Uniform jacket was painted using Andrea's Blue Paint Set. The Trousers were a mix using Vallejo Green Ochre, English Kaki and White. I used Burnt Umber and a little Black for the shadows and more White for the highlights.


The Red on the Saddle was painted using Reapers MSP Blood Red Triad. For the Sash I used Reapers Chestnut Gold Triad. The Saddle Shabraque and the embroidered parts of the Jacked were all painted with Scale75's Gold NMM using only a limited amount of the final highlight of the “creamish” white.


ADC Colonel Heymes:

During some research, I read that the Colonel rode a white horse but I did not want to paint a pure white Horse again and read on another source, that he also rode a dappled grey Horse at Waterloo, which I preferred. I used again a sponge to add the effects of the dapple. I started with the darker speckles, followed by the lighter ones.


The Uniform Jacket was painted using two Reaper Triads: Gory Red and Fire Red but left the final highlight as it was just too Orange. They go brilliantly together and I used all five shades straight out of the bottle.


The Trousers were painted with Andrea's Blue Paint Set but consequently I decided to use Foundry's French Blue for the Saddle Cloth just to assure some contrast between the two. I used also Scale75's Gold NMM Paint Set for all the embroidered parts of the his Hussar uniform.


ADC Levavasseur:

I painted his Horse with Coat d'Arms Negro, Horse Tone Brown and Beige Brown. His Uniform was again painted with Andrea's Blue Set. I used Reaper MSP Stone Grey Triad for his Trousers and also their True Blue Triad for the Uniform Sleeves and Turn Backs.


Colonel Gourgaud & Officer of the 7th Hussars:



Alfred, the Great, Anglo-Saxon Banner bearer and Viking Warlord:

I have completed some Dark Age miniatures from Gripping Beast recently. I really enjoyed painting them as they offered a little break from my Napoleonic's. I have not painted Gripping Beast miniatures for quite a few years now but must compliment on the quality of the casts and their sculpts. I have finished Alfred the Great, a Anglo-Saxon Warlord and also a Viking Warrior.

The Banner and the Shields are transfers but the weathering and battle damage was painted on.


Romano British Warlord – King Arthur:

I have painted another Version of Foundry's King Arthur figure, added another horse and created a different shield design for the figure.

There is a theory that Arthur wasn't really called Arthur but something else (plenty of options) but was given the nickname (or to use the Latin "cognomen") The Bear, or in Latin, Arthur.

I came up with the design by using inspiration from varjous late roman / early chrisitan designs which I found online.


The Last Eagle – The Battle of Teutoburg Forest:

I created a little Diorama integrating the limited edition Warlord Games Miniature - Centurion Titus Aduxas. It is called "The last Eagle" and depicts a last stand of Roman Soldiers during the Battle in the Teutoburg Forest.
The tree was handmade and I also tried to add specific vegetation to the base to make it look more like a wooded area. I also added some WIP pictures.



I received the movement tray from Warbases yesterday and finished the groundwork on it today. The base itself and service provided by Warbases was outstanding. I actually had the inspiration from the work of "George Hatzopoulos" from ghpainting on the Perry Website. I never used such a command base before but I really like the look of it. The only thing I realised is that General Drouot might be a bit to far away from the table but I think it still works...well it has too ;-)



I added my latest figures onto my website. I painted Napoleon and his Staff during the Battle at Waterloo from Perry Miniatures. These figures were with me now for over 7 years, cleaned and base coated but forgotten in a box. While I was thining out my collection of unpainted and abandon projects to sell on Ebay, I came across these and fancied putting some paint on the command group. The sculpts were great and the casting was actually quite clean. They were a pleasure to paint. I also ordered a custom made command movement tray with Warbases to place all figures together on a little display base, which I hopefully receive in the next couple of days. I will take some pictures of the whole group as soon as I finished the base.




Last week, I finished another rendition of Foundry's Alexander the Great. I have tweaked some aspects, i.e. the length of the Spear (Xyston) should be longer and made of lighter wood, it also would have had a bronze spearbut (which I sculpted on with Green Stuff) and the scale armour around his waist should be bronze too. I have also added a water feature, which would signify the edge of the River Granicus.

I have not done something like this before but was keen to try some of the water effects I had here in my collection. For the main body of the water I used Busch Model Water "Aqua" which is like a white viscous plastic liquid which you can apply straigth out of the bottle through its thin nozzle. I also used Vallejo Water Effects gel to simulate little waves and ripples, which you can brush onto the base. That was all easy enough to do. The "Aqua" Vallejo gel looks pretty much like thick PVA glue and is suppose to dry clear in about 24 hours takes a lot, a lot longer to do that. I finished the base on Tuesday and only today with some help with a Phillips 100W daylight bulb it turned completely clear. I like the look of it now but I went through some nail biting few days thinking of a solution or even a drastic change to the base by peeling all the water off and just add some battlefield debris or even a persian casualty but my patience paid out in the end.



I thought I would share with you some pictuers of my latest project.I have created a mini Vignette that incorporates the special Edition George Washington from Perry Miniatures (only available as part of a Deal when you buy 3 boxes of the Plastic AWI infantry). The other two are from Wargames Foundry. They are a little bit chunkier but they are a pleasure to paint. Here is what I came up with.

I wanted to give the impression that George Washington is surveying a Battlefield whilst getting a report from one of his soldiers. I used a fence from Dixon Miniatures as a sort of "backdrop" for the scene. The white horse took me three different attempts before I found a mix I liked. I used Scale75's Black & White Paint Set. In particular I used a mix of Rainy Gray, Thar Brown, Mojave White and pure White. I added more white for the highlights and used a few glazes with Rainy Gray to dull it down a little and used thinned pure white as a final highlight last.

I used Andrea's Blue Paint set for all the uniforms but I only used the 3rd Highlight colour sparingly in a mix with the second one. I used to paint most blue Uniforms with Foundry's "French Blue" but find myself using Andrea's more and more. I just prefer the matt look on the Andrea or Scale75 paints.



I just finished taking some pictures of the finished Waterloo Vignette "Secure the Colours". I also added some images of the individual finished figures to the below WIP page. I hope you like them.

Next on my table is a little AWI Vignette. I will keep you updated about my progress.



I have added some more pictures to the WIP page of my new Vignette. The coat and the Trousers have been painted with Foundry again ("British Red Coat" & "Slate Grey"). I like the Foundry paints due to the fact that they make highlighting and shading so easy but I hate their glossy finish. It does make it sometimes difficult to see the detail of the sculpt, especially if you paint underneath a strong daylight bulb as I do. This is one of the reasons I first use GW Chaos Black to basecoat all figures, followed by Andrea's or Scale75 Matt Black.

The sash around the Officers waist was painted with Reaper's Gold Ochre. I used Scale75 Golden NMM paint set for the Piping, but kept the highlights to a minimum. The Trooper one's were painted with Foundry's "Ochre" plus a final highlight with "Yellow Light C"

I also changed the Drummers hair colour, as the old version was an attempt to represend blonde hair but I did not liked the way it looked. I painted it now with Foundry's "Buff Leather" which I prefer more.

The matt varnish will dull some colours but also define others a lot better once applied which I prefer a lot.

I hope to finish them today. I will varnish tomorrow and start to base them straight after.



I have just completed another rendition of "Big Wullie", the special Edition Miniature from Warlord Games. I was asked to paint him as a member of the 42nd Highlanders. I painted the coat with Foundry's "British Red Coat". I added green and dark brown as an additional shade and Elf Flesh to highlight the red further. The Kilt was painted using Foundry's "French Blue". The green Stripes were painted with a equal mix of "French Dragoon Green" A & B. I used the C colour only for the squares at the "crossjunction" of the darker green bars.

I am also working on the second Special Edition Waterloo Vignette "Secure the Colour". I have added a WIP page for that particular project. Will try to finish the British Dragoons by the weekend. The figures will then be matt varnished.



I have just uploaded pictures of my latest project. It is one of the Perry's brilliant special Waterloo Vignettes, they produced for the 200th Anniversary. It was a joy to paint. I used mostly the Foundry triad paints for the figures.

For Sgt.Charles Ewart, Scots Greys, I used 'British Red Coat' for his jacket but I added 'Dark Green' and 'Scorched Brown' as an additional shade. I also used a little 'Fiery Orange' and 'Elves Flesh' to highlight the red more effectively, his trousers were painted with 'Slate Grey'. The Horse was painted using a mix of 'Vallejo White', a little 'English Uniform' and a small amount of black as a base. I used more black for the darker speckles and added more white for the lighter speckles with a sponge. Even more white was used as a very diluted mix to highlight all the raised areas but I kept the overall look of the horse more on the grey side.

I cut the lance pole from Ewart's hand and used a steal spear, as I found the original too short to fit the GMB flag. The Eagle was salvaged and used from the original pole. I also replaced his sword with a flattened paperclip which I filed to shape. The paperclip had more strength as the provided pewter one, as it kept bending.

The Lancers Uniform was painted using 'French Dragoon Green' but with additional shading by adding black and 'Scorched Brown' to the 'A' colour. The Foot Soldiers Coat was painted using 'Rawhide' but I also used additional shading. For the shako cover I used 'Buff Leather'.

The French Officers Uniform was the only one painted with Andrea's Blue Paint set. His Roll around his shoulder was painted with 'Slate Grey'. Both French Trousers were painted with 'Artic Grey' but with additional shading.



I have just completed a wargaming Battalion of Napoleonic Vistula Legion. It is a 24 strong Front Rank Unit and based on 60x50mm MDF bases, with six figures per base. I am rather pleased how they turned out. As most of you probably know I have not finished or done many Wargaming Units in the past but I really enjoyed these.

The majority of paints used were from Foundry. For such large Units the Triads work extremely well. It speeds up the painting process immensely. The Flag used is from GMB and the Eagle is from Front Rank.

I have a few more Units to do and I will concentrate on some Command Groups and another Vistula Legion Uhlans next. But first I will finish the Perry Waterloo Vignette and the Bolt Action AK Motorcycle for some variety.



I have finished the Polish Vistula Battalion and I am about to varnish them. The basing will be next which I expect to finsh tomorrow. I am hoping to show you all some pictures of the based units on Friday.

Next on my desk, I have a Bolt Action African Korps Motorcycle & Sidecar and also one of the Perry's Waterloo special Vignettes. I have not done or painted the Bolt Action WWII models before but was surprised me was the poor casting quality on these. They took nearly more preperation than the Perry's. The Sidecar wheels and Framework was misaligned. It took quite bit of filing and putty to make it look allright. There was also a lot of flash or casting lines on particular awkward places, i.e. right on the faces of the figures. But never mind, they are completed now and awaiting some paint.



I have finished my first 54mm figure in almost 15 years. I had the old New Hope Design figure. It was a challenge though. It took me a while to convert my 28mm painting techniques to the larger scale miniature. The sculpting was rather crude and the face was such "flat" design that I had to exagurate the painting of the skin parts to give it some sharper definition.

The skin was painted using Foundry's Asian flesh colour but with additional shades of Scale75's Asian & African shadow. I also added Arabic Shadow to the base colour. Foundry's Flesh 127f was added to paint the final highlights.

The overcoat was painted using Andrea's Reddish Brown. Shadows mixed with black & scorched brown. I painted the highlights using Scale75 Mars Orange + Golden Skin + Light skin.

Most of the other parts were painted using Foundry's tri-colours.



I added my General Colbert and his Lancers onto Ebay.

I am also started to prepare a 54mm Mongol Warrior from New Hope Design as a commission piece. It's an older sculpt but still not a bad miniature. Will try to finish him in the next few days. Will keep you updated about the progress.



I have finished my rendition of General Colbert, Red Lancer Command Group and a Trooper. They were originally planned to create a little Vignette but in the end I decided against it and based them individually. The Uniforms took me ages. The full dress Uniforms are spectacular but there is so much detail to paint. The red of the uniforms was painted using Andrea Red Paint set with additional highlights by adding GW Blazing Orange. I also used Scale75's NMM Gold for General Colbert's & Trumpeter Uniform and Saddle. The Blue is Foundry's French Blue. I rather like the look of the Trumpeter's white speckled Horse and I am also quite happy how the Chestnut Horse turned out. The two Bay Horsed were straight from the Foundry Bay Brown set but I added Foundry's Chestnut B & C and also Scale75's Orange Leather to highlight Gen. Colbert's Horse further. Flag and the Lance Pennant are from GMB.

I also tried, especially with Colbert's Base, to simulate a wild grass field in the Summer. I used four different Tufts. Not sure if I am 100% happy with it but I think it is passable.

I might finish some more Troopers to go with the others but first I have to finish some other Waterloo related Miniatures, ready for the 200th Annivesary.







I have just finished painting this figure from Dixon Miniature and represents a feudal japanese Warrior Monk 'Sohei'. Nice, clean sculpt but a little on the chunky side. The proportions are slightly off but somehow it does work. I have not painted a Dixon figures in years but was quite pleased how he turned out. I found the Face a particular challenge as it was lacking a certain sharpness in the sculpt.

The horse was painted using Scale 75 'Wood & Leather' paint set (Orange Leather, Brown Leather) with Andrea Leather paint set (2nd Shadow) as a base (2:2:1). I used more and more Orange Leather and finally also added Sandalwood into the mix for the last highlight. For the red on the horses tack and tassles I used Andrea Red paint in a reverse sequence by starting with the darkest shadow first and working my way up to the final highlight, using all six colours.

The Monks coat was painted using Scale 75 'Blood and Fire' paint set. I started with a base of Mars Orange, Deep Red and Orange Leather from the above paint set. I added more Orange and also Brown Leather to darken the mix and used Sol Yellow as a highlight colour. The Yellow collar was painted using Andreas Yellow paint set. I used for the white headcowl the same mix as I used for the Cloak of my Alexander figure. The white paint set from Scale 75, just brilliant.

The original staff of the naginata (claive lance) broke off, so I used the original blade, pinned a steel spear into it and sculpted the detail on the handel on. It will make the weapon also a lot sturdier when handled & used on wargaming table.


The GW Empire General was painted over two years ago, I just never had a chance to take a picture of him. I actually prefer the plastic figures from Games Workshop as I gave up wasting my money on quite a few of their new 'Finesculpt' resin figures after receiving them over and over again with many, many casting issues. I lost complete confidence buying any of them online, as I obviously cannot inspect them before purchasing them to see what the cast looks like. It was a straight enough paint job. Using mostly Foundry and GW metals (Boltgun Metal, Chainmail and Mithril Silver) and their Black / Brown Inks.



I have just completed my rendition of Alexander the Great. I believe the Miniature is from Foundry. It was harder then I expected to get back into the swing... well into the painting of things ;-) but I took my time and must admit that I like how Alexander turned out. I used some of the new Scale 75 paints on him and I am really impressed by the coverage and smoothness of the paint. As there were quite a few items on that figure which were painted in similar tones, I wanted to make sure they appeard different enough. The cloak was therfore painted using Scale75 black/white paint set. The leather Armour was painted with Foundry's Arctic Grey and the tunic was painted using a mix of Green Ochre, English Uniform and white.


And talking about a long time. I have also gone back and tried my hands on a WWII subject for the first time since I was 18. Since the Perry's released their Afrika Korps range a while back and seeing great inspiration on Steve Dean's Forum, I fancied trying to paint some World War 2 Armour myself. Rommel's Greif seemed the right size to trial some techniques I have seen on the Internet, it was not to big or to small for that, just right ;-). I think I went a little bit overboard with the weathering and chipping but I think I could get away with it, considering the conditions these vehicles have been originally used under. The base coat of the Greif was a brushed on Tamiya's Dessert Yellow, weathered with a mix of black & burnt umber oil paints, wiped off and slightly highlighted using Neapel Yellow. The chipped paint was imitated by using a small sponge. I outlined all recesses with a dark brown wash and also used a highlight for all corners & edges. I used a wooden base from Andrea to recreate the Dessert scenery. Well, I hope you like the end result.



I just added some pictures of my Death Korps of Krieg Commissar onto my Site, which I painted for Steve Dean's Forum Painting Competition. Unfortunately fo me, I got kicked out at the Quarterfinal but lucky for you all, I am now able to show you the finshed figure.

After getting some Warhammer 40K related books for christmas, I was in the mood for something different. I really like the Death Korps of Krieg Range from Forge World and got quite a few figures from Father Christmas, lol. Umongst them was also the DKoK Commissar, which I wanted to tackle first to see how I would get on with these Resin figures.

The detail on the figure is brilliant and I had no major faults on the Resin cast. Painting him was a real pleasure and I tried to use the Non-Metal-Metallics method for all metals, even for the base. I am still not fully happy with my representation of Gold but I think I get there slowly.

The base is also completely scratchbuilt. I used Plastic-Card, Milliput and various other items to create an Urban battlefield look. I have taken a few pictures, while I was constructing the base and I added a WIP page for it.

I also took pictures of the base before the Figure was added and some individual photos of the Commissar himself.



I have just finished painting a Limited Edition Mongolian Warrior from TAG Miniature. I painted him in a day and it was a nice change after all the Napoleonic Uniforms. I added him onto my Miscellaneous Page, as it is the first and only figure from that Manufacturer so far.

I gave him an extra Bowstring made from Green Stuff. The Tunic was painted using Foundry Teal Blue, GW Black & GW Scorched Brown as the base. Highlighting it with A, A+B, C. For the leather Armour or Jerkin I used Andrea's Dark Brown Leather, using Napoleonic Orange for the first Highlight, followed by adding more Orange and GW Vermin Brown. GW Black & Scorched Brown was used for Shading. The piping on the Leather was painted using Foundry's Madder Red. I used Foundry's Raw Hide for the Boots. Buff Leather was used for the padded Waist band, the inside of the Armour and the stripe on the Tunic. For the Wood I only used Spearshaft A & B. I started with A as a base and washed it with GW Devlan Mud. I used A again but painting stripes trying to imitate wood grain. Spearshaft B was used in the same way as a final highlight.

For the skin I used Foundry's Expert Flesh Set but with Snakebite Leather mixed into the A shade (2:1). I left B out and used GW Dwarf Flesh with Snakebite Leather (2:1) as the first highlight. I added C into the second Mix for the next highlight. Followed by pure C, D & E. I used F only very sparingly for some spot highlights (Cheeks, Nose, Chin).



I cannot believe it myself but I have finally finished the Battery of RHA Artillery. The figures are mixture of mainly Foundry, a group of Perry Miniatures and 3 figures of an unknown manufacturer.

As the figures are supposed to depict General Mercers Artillery during the Battle of Waterloo, I decided to represent a wetter ground. I used some great Inspiration which I have found online. One picture especially, which is from the Houghomount Project - Waterloo Collection and depicts "Mercer's Battery". I also weathered the figures more heavily to represent soldiers handling black powder, working a gun and generally doing their duty on muddy fields.

I used for all Miniatures mainly Foundry Colours.



I have just added Napoleon Bonaparte and Marshal Soult onto Ebay.


On the painting side:

I am in process of working my way through General Mercers Battery of the Royal Horse Artillery at Waterloo. The Miniatures are a mix of Foundry and Perry's. 5 Guns, four Officers on Horseback and five Perry Crew members are finished. I had already painted the Uniform Jackets & Trousers on all of them but I have decided to split the remaining 24 members of the Gun Crews into two groups. I am painting the flesh parts of the first 11 in the moment.

I will keep you posted about the progress.



I have retaken some pictures of the figures on Sale and updated the pages:



I have decided to part with some of my larger scale Miniatures. They have been with me for many years now and I just need more room. All the figures are mounted on Wooden Display Plinths. I also decided to take new pictures of the figures and have updated the appropriate sites.

Here are the new pictures of the figures on Sale:



Today I was able to take some pictures of my Napoleon at Waterloo, which I finished a few weeks back.

Funnily the white horse was quite a challenge for me. I needed a couple of attempts before I got the results I was looking for. In the end I used base of GW Graveyard Earth, Foundry Arctic Grey, GW Chaos Black and Skull White. Used a little more Graveyard Earth and Black as the Shade and added more white to the base until I reached pure white as the last highlight.

Napoleon's Coat was painted using a mix of Andrea's Slate Grey, GW Scorched Brown and Black ( 3:1:1) as an base. I added more & more black / brown as an shade and mixed GW Elf Flesh, GW Boneyard and White ( 1:1:2) to my first mix to highlight the grey.

I decided to increase the height of the base to give an impression of an elevated position as Napoleon probably wanted a good view at the Battlefield. I used different sizes of tufts & grass, as I tried to make it look like an full and rich looking field. I dry-brushed them with a mix of Andrea's Napoleonic Green and Scorched Brown and use various lighter shades of green to highlight it all.

The first Group of my British Royal Horse Artillery are also reaching near Completion. Only some weathering and varnishing to do. The base will be done next. I will hopefully take some pictures by next week to show them to you.



Here is my first entry for the new year. I have finished my rendition of Marshal Soult during the Battle of Waterloo. He is also from the same Command Set from Perry Miniatures as my Mameluke Ali. I will also try to finish the mounted Napoleon figure next week to go with his Marshal as well.

I used the Andrea Blue Paint set for the Jacket. The red Officers sash was painted using also the Andrea Red Paint set whereas for the red on the Saddle I used Foundry's British Red Coat set. I tried to use a little bit of an NMM technique on the Sash around his waist. For the Gold on Epaulettes and the Lace on the Saddle Blanket I used Foundry's Gold (36) but mixed with Burnt Umber (for shadows) and Pale Yellow (for highlights).

I also opted to go for a grey speccled Horse, after finding some inspiration online.



I just added my newest figure onto my Website. Last week I painted a Napoleonic Mameluke from Perry Miniatures. The sculpt is supposed to depict Mameluke Ali, who was the personal servant to Napoleon during the last 100 days of his reign and especially during the Battle of Waterloo. I took some liberties in painting his Uniform and went with a more typical and more colourful attire of Mamelukes.

I used various brands of paints to create him. For the trousers I used Andrea's Red Paint set. His Waistcoat was painted using Foundry's British Red Coat Set. I used French Dragoon Green for his Jacket. French Blue was used for the Saddle Blancet and Deep blue (with additional highlight of Tomb Blue) for his Sash. To differentiate the horses harness and other leather parts from the Mameluke's Uniform, I used Foundry's Forrest Green but used the highlight colour only sparingly and mixed with GW Scorpion Green.

I also tried for the first time to paint an Isabelline or Isabel (blond) horse. I used a mix of GW Graveyard Earth, Khemri Brown and very little Vermin Brown for the Base. For the shades I added an increasing amount of Vallejo Burnt Umber and a very little Black to the base. As a highlight colour I added gradually more and more Sand Yellow, also from Vallejo. I added a discarded British Knapsack on the base, to give it a battlefield look. I also decided to use Miliput to represent softer ground (as it had rained the whole night before) and some trackmarks. The Grass tufts are from MiniNatur and were drybrushed with Foundry's Phlegm Green B

I am actually rather pleased with the result.

I also took a couple of pictures of the painting progress and my workbench, which I added onto an extra "WIP" page.

Just click on the pictures below:



I decided to add some of my Agincourt Figures from Perry Miniatures onto Ebay.

The Duke of York: Sir Thomas Erpingham Thomas, Lord Camoys:



I have just won the Steve Dean's 36th Forum Painting Competition with my rendition of King Arthur from Foundry's Romano-British Range. I am really proud to have gone that far as the standard in the competition was incredibly high. I have painted him in October and was, due to the competition rules, only now able to add him to my website.



I have recently finished painting some War of the Roses figures. The figures are from Perry Miniatures and the detail is incredible.


I have decided to paint the Salute 2011 Special Edition Miniature, sculpted by Alan Perry, therefore I will add him onto my Perry Galleries. I know the figure is supposed to depict a Confederate Officer but I decided, after flicking through Mort Künstler's Book with the name of "Gettysburg", to paint him a little bit different. I came across a picture showing a clash of Union & Confederate Cavalry on 3rd July 1863 at Gettysburg. The Union Troopers were led by a 23 year old newly appointed Brigardier General with the name of George Armstrong Custer. That inspired me so much, that I decided to paint the Salute Miniature as General Custer. I started by adding the scarf and some longer hair with putty. I also had to file away the Austrian knots on the sleeves of the Jacket, just to make sure he really looked like a "Yankee Officer". There was no other conversion required and it was a real pleasure to paint him.

For the uniform, I usedmostly Andrea colours. For the Frock Coat I used the Blue Paint Set. The Sash was painted using the Red set, with additional Light Orange and Light Flesh as a Highlight. The Trousers were painted using Union Blue, Burned Umber and a little Black for the Base. I used Light Flesh for lightening the 2nd Highlight colour. For the skin I used the Flesh Paint set. The black leather parts, i.e. Saddle, Bridle, Holster etc. were painted using the Black paint set. The Blanket was painted using slate Grey, shaded with Burned Umber / Black and highlighted with the second Highlight colour from the White Paint set and light Flesh.

I used Foundry's Conker Brown for the Horse but with additional shading using GW Scorched Brown & Black. The Mane and Tail were painted with Foundry's Bay Brown.



I have now finally finished my six HYW Men-at-arms from Perry Miniatures and I am really pleased with the result.

I have tried to paint a couple of horse colours which I have not used before, such as: Fleabitten Grey, Palomino, Dapple Grey and Sorrel. For the Horses I mostly used my Foundry colours but also used some other new ones from Andrea, Lifecolours and Vallejo paints and washes. The bases were the requirement of the customer in a true muddy style.

To make it easier, I will write a small description under each individual page of the horse and rider.

Here they are as a group:



A couple of weeks ago I received an email from Paul at Warlord Games. He offered me to send a free copy of the new Hail Cesar rulebook free of charge because some of my figures appear in it. That meant a lot to me and came just at the right time. After writing back to him mentioning that I was already playing with the thought of buying Hail Cesar and the Black Powder one for inspiration purposes and to get my hands onto the limited edition miniatures, he agreed to send me both books including the figures. I just could not believe how kind that offer was. I promised Paul to send him any pictures of the Warlord Games figures as soon as I have painted them. That gave me the right push and I decided to paint “Big Wullie” first. My version is supposed to depict a member of the “93 rd Highlanders” storming a redoubt or defensive field position.

The Gabion & Barrel are from Front Rank. The Sandbags haven been sculpted using “Green Stuff” and the wooden planks are remains from an older Rail fence from Dixon. For the skin I used Foundry's Expert Flesh Paint set for the first time, straight out of the pot and I really like it for the standard Wargaming Miniature.

Secondly I had the “General Maximus” resin Miniatures sitting on my table for months but now wanted to tackle it next. I tried to keep it as close as possible to the reference I had from the Movie “Gladiator” and the painted 54mm example Raul Garcia Latorre did a few years ago. I used the NMM technique to represent the metals and I am quite pleased how it turned out. I hope you like it all too.

I painted the skin using Andrea Flesh paint set. The tree is self-made. I used a tree from the Woodland Scenic tree building kit and cut it to right size. I added smaller wire branches and bent everything to represent an old windswept tree. I used Miliput to cover the whole tree and sculpted indentation into it to look like bark.



I have taken some pictures of my Celtic Standardbearer from Warlord Miniatures. I painted him again using quicker methods and more washes for shading. The tartan cloak took some more time. It was quite difficult to paint the stripes in a way that the looked consistent with the folds and position of the cloak but I am pleased how it turned out.

I am also painting six mounted HYW men-at-arms at the moment. The horses are nearly done and I will start on the skin and the coat-of-arms of the riders soon.



I was also tempted by a wonderful Figure to go back to my roots and tackle a bigger scale for a change. I purchased a 54mm Miniature from Pegaso Models "Knight of the Holy Sepulchre Order" a few months ago. I linked the Name of the Knight to the Original Pegaso Page, where you see the absolute brilliant paint job done by "Danilo Cartacci". It is a very dynamic sculpt and the horse is just beautiful. I spent two days just cleaning and assembling it. Quite a few parts and gaps needed to be filled with putty but it looks very impressive already. Not sure that I will be able to do the original paint job justice but I will try my hardest. I also decided to use similar colour choices as it was painted by Danilo Cartacci but I will use a different colour for the horse.



I have finished a Celtic Standardbearer from Warlord Miniatures and will add the pictures soon. I also started six HYW mounted Men-at-Arms. I began with the Armour and will keep you posted about the progress.






I have finished some more Imperial Roman Command Miniatures from Warlord Games. I tried again to speed up the painting process and have limited myself to use only the Foundry Triads, especially on parts of the tunics and leather equipment. Otherwise I used a lot more washings, using the new GW washes and only outlining some detailes again with the previous base colour. Only on some important details, i.e. the hand painted standard or the Officers cloak, I did spent some more time painting these.



I have finished a mounted Roman Officer from Warlord Games and I am in the process of finishing four Roman Command figures.

I also decided to sell some of my painted figures. The French Napoleonic Grenadiers will be sold first .



Just a week since my Birthday and I had a big box of Warlord Games Romans and Celts. They are just beautiful. Since my first glimpse into "Warhammer Ancient Battles" in the late nineties, I alway liked the idea of an Imperial Roman Army. Warlord's offer on a box of the " Imperial Roman Starter Army" arrived just at the right time.

I decided to paint them quicker using a wargaming style, in which I have been inspired by Warlord's Army Painter methods and their Dr. Phil Hendry inspirational results on speed painting. You can see most of his painting on the figures in the Warlord's Webstore.

I actually used less "brushed on" shading and decided to use mainly washes. As an example, I started with one base colour on most of Boadicea and her bodyguards clothing, added then the stripes and tartan. I used mainly washes in all creases to add shading and to dull the main colours down. Only after the drying, I added sparingly some conventional highlighting, here especially on Boadicea's stripy skirt.

Most paints I used were Foundry's colour triads, only with the one or other Valejo colour thrown in. I tried to limit myself to basic shading and highlighting and did not use many intermediate mixes. Only on the Roman Officers cloak I used additional highlights and shading.


The skin was painted using Foundry's Flesh triad with GW colours. I actually have eight shades ready mixed in pots to speed up the painting process. I start with Foundry's A, Followed by A + GW Dwarf Flesh mix ( 1:1 ), Dwarf Flesh, Foundry B + Dwarf Flesh (1:1), Foundry B, Elf Flesh, Foundry C. I also use sometimes a diluted Foundry A + Bestial Brown mix (1:1) as the deepest shadow and diluted Bestial Brown only on certain dark spots.

I am quite pleased with how they turned out and look forward to paint myself a little army in the next couple of months.



Finally, I have finished the Napoleonic Unit of Lancers of the Vistula Legion. It is actually only the second Wargaming Unit I have ever painted. I must say that I am rather pleased about how they turned out. I hope they will be an impressive sight on the gaming table.

I have also added a individual pictures of each Figures before they were attached to the bases:

I also made further photos of each individual Wargaminig Base:




The good hobby related news is that I am nearly finished with the group of lancers. Just a few finishing touches, i.e. Varnishing, Basing and the adding of their Lances and they are good to go. Here are some of the pictures:



I have just added a few group photos of the French Grenadiers, taken from a further distance as they would appear on the Gaming table. I added a few in different sizes. Just click on the picture below:


Back in November, I painted 3 Grenadiers of the French Imperial Guard. I have had these figures a long time and a couple of years ago, I painted the first half of that Command Group. They are Foundry sculpts, painted mainly using the Foundry colours. The results are above.

I will be starting 6 x Knights of the HYW next, which I am looking forward to.

During the month of December, after reading Don Troiani's brilliant book "Regiments & Uniforms of the Civil War", I was inspired to design a small diorama using some ideas from the book and the battle of Antitam ("Sunken Road") and named it "Give 'em lead boys!".

I had great fun doing this diorama. I added a WIP page for that project and also wrote some Information on the page of each individual miniature used on my diorama.



While I was working on the commission of the 12 Lancers, I found in my "Lead-Pile" a figure I nearly forgot.

During some research on the Internet about the Vistula Legion and the Lancers I was painting, I also came across some pictures from Leaders of the Polish Napoleonic Allies. I was inspired by some of the period paintings depicting Jan Henryk Dabrowski and Prince Josef Poniatowski, that I decided to paint the Prince, which I bought a while back from Front Rank Miniatures.

After seeing the paintings I decided to try again another kind of pinto horse, which I knew was used during that period by some of the Polish Army Commanders. I used again Andreas Black Paint set and for the first time also their White Paint set.

I also added some detail onto the horse with putty to represent extra tassles, more extravagant braiding and additonal harness features.



I have just finished the six HYW Men-at-arms from Perry Miniatures.

I started doing some research a while back into the coat of Arms of the period and found a Danish Website with a good 'Download' section of Flags from different periods. Here I found also a page, dedicated to French and English Flags during the Hundred Year War.


So, after basecoating the figures and the horses, I got to work on the faces and started first on the eyes. The Armour was then painted using my own technique to gain the realistic effect I wanted. Next I chose the appropriate Coat of Arms from the Webpage above and began painting the clothing.

I wanted to try something different for the horses and got some of my inspiration from a book by "Danilo Cartacc"i. The White Dappled Horse and the Pinto Bay Horse was the result. The Black Horse was actually painted using the new Black Paint Set from Andrea Miniatures and I was rather pleased with the result and very impressed with the paint. The Bay Brown and the Chestnut Horses were painted using a number of multiple layers of Foundry paints. My home made "Wet-Palette" was essential during the hot weather we are having at the moment and I could not paint without it anymore.

I chose complementary colours for each of the horses Leather Tack, Saddles and Blankets. The customer requested a realistic muddy field for the base.

The figures were completed with a coat of matt varnish.

Here is the finished Group:



I am in the process of finishing six mounted Men-at-Arms of the Hundred Year War from Perry Miniatures. Just the Horses to do and will be concentrating on the bases after. I will keep you posted about the progress and hopefully will be able to show some pictures by next week.



I have finally decided to make room and sell some items of my unpainted collection. I started listing mostly Warhammer, Warhammer 40K, GW Lord of the Ring and some Metal Modeles 54mm figures for now but will add more in the next few days, i.e. Foundry, Redoubt Enterprise, Pegaso 54mm, Andrea 90mm, Verlinden 120mm, Elite 75mm and more GW stuff. Some older and also rare figures among them.

I hope there will be something for everyone.



I have recently finished the remaining three ACW Command figures from Perry Miniatures.

I quite enjoyed them but the faces were again a particular challenge. I found the detail, especially in that area, in my opinion, a little bit "fuzzy".

Also, I actually started with the eyes for the very first time after applying the base colour.

Here is also a picture of the whole Command Group:



I am working on 12 Napoleonic Lancers of the Vistula Legion, 6 mounted Knights of the Hundred Year War and 4 Guns and 26 Crew Members & Officers of the Napoleonic British Horse Artillery. I will keep you informed about the progress of these.

I am also painting the remaining three Miniatures of my Confederate Command from Perry Miniatures, during some spare time.



 Just before Christmas I was able to finish my first Victrix figure. I received the metal figures as a special gift from Julian from Victrix. I added the pictures of the British Napoleonic Pioneer to my website.
 I also had a lovely Christmas and was fortunate enough to receive some wonderful gifts. Most of them, of course, hobby related. I got some sets of the new Foundry Napoleonic colours, a box of the Victrix Plastic Waterloo British Infantry Centre Company (which are really great), one box of the Plastic French Napoleonic Line Infantry from Perry Miniatures, also a few boxes of their Agincourt range, a 75 mm metal figure from Pegaso Models depicting a mounted 15th Century "Roaming Knight", which is an absolute beautiful sculpt and some more hobby related books. I surely have been spoiled.